Sunday chidzambwa

B-METRO COMMENT: Help Chidzambwa find the next Gidiza

When it comes to great players in the history of local football the list is long and controversial.

Especially when it comes to the midfield position. But many football lovers will agree that Ronald a�?Gidizaa�? Sibanda was the best if not one of the best.

Warriors head coach Sunday Chidzambwa on Wednesday, after the Independence Cup duel between Zimbabwe and Botswana at the National Sports Stadium, where Zimbabwe lost 1-0, gave a signal that all was not well in the senior national team.

He bemoaned the lack of a midfielder of Gidizaa��s pedigree. His analysis was informed by what he had seen when his midfield department fell short that day.

He seemed worried that the same problem showed its ugly face at the Four-Nation Invitational Tournament in Zambia last month where he had another misfiring midfield department that was again found wanting on creative play.

a�?Gone are the days when we had players like Ronald a�?Gidizaa�� Sibanda, Lloyd Mutasa. In Zambia we had Nakamba (Marvelous)Ovidy (Karuru) and Marshal Munetsi. I wasna��t happy with their performance. We could have easily won that tournament had we been good in that area. I think we really need to look around for those creative central midfielders. We still have a problem in that area,a�? said Chidzambwa.

True to Chidzambwaa��s word there is a need to look around for players of Gidizaa��s calibre in that central midfield position. Chidzambwaa��s army needs a dedicated general.

In that regard, football loving Zimbabweans that includeA� former players, club coaches, school coaches, club administrators, player agents and every other stakeholder in the countrya��s footballA� industry, please give ChidzambwaA� a sign, where is the next Gidiza?

The lanky footballer who has now become a respected football pundit on Star FM first astonished local football at Zimbabwe Saints. But those close to him have memories of a Gidiza who shone in the middle of the park as a youngster at Plumtree High School.

A few years later, the playera��s talent was shown to a nation that had for a long time thought it would never produce a master of the ball.

It all began in the grassroots from the great Gidiza hence the need to pour scouts all over the country to search for that rarely talented breed of a player.

There is a need to cast the net wider in search of the midfield general that will eject Warriors followers from the edges of their seats courtesy of those inch perfect passes that Gidiza used to distribute with so much aplomb.

The nation needs a true gem in the crown of the midfielder, a player who just like Gidiza, almost has a telepathic understanding of his team matesa�� positions. Always setting up goals or scoring crucial ones.

Chidzambwaa��s charges indeed need an exceptional creative passing, intuition and inventiveness to control the midfield and dictate the ebb and flow of play which the entire nation was greatly starved of on Independence Day and in the process the Warriors fell to a rare defeat to Batswana. where to buy generic viagra in denver. viagra and delayed ejaculation doxycycline price cvs. flomax without a rx. . tizanidine 4 mg no prescription.