B-METRO COMMENT: Find lasting solution to the goblin menace

IN this edition we carry extraordinary stories of the spiritual world. Some of the tales are hard to believe and some even stranger than fiction.A� However, when communities find themselves without peace, due to natural or unnatural causes, we are there to tell their stories in the hope that they may get help and that society might learn from their experiences.

The workings of the underworld or the dark world, and the spirits of evil, are something that has baffled a lot of people and continues to do so. To those that do not understand this dark world, the best way to make sense of it is to deny its existence, yet there are signs that intermittently rear their ugly heads to remind us of the presence of certain spiritual forces over which we may have very little control.

In our previous edition we had a family in Masvingo that deserted their home over strange happenings, whereby stones were being thrown and property destroyed by unseen beings. Fires were also mysteriously destroying household property at the home, with the family having tried several means of ridding the home of the problem, with some even suspecting it could have been the work of avenging spirits.

It would appear these strange happenings could be all over the country as this week we have the story of the alleged goblins that wreaked havoc in Cowdray Park leading to the community making contributions to pay for the exorcism of the area.

We will not delve into the science or the spiritual intricacies of the genetic make-up of the goblin, as our competence in that area could be challenged. However, what has caught our eye is that the use of these creatures appears to be associated with wealth accumulation, power and generally influence over a community.

The economic challenges that the country has faced have seen many people seek other ways of making ends meet. There are those that have ventured into business but found competition unyielding, and others that have turned to religion to try and assist in their cause to run successful ventures and have a good life based on certain principles.

It is, therefore, not surprising that there is yet another group that is convinced that one needs a medicine man or these goblin creatures to protect themselves and also to boost their businesses or pilfer from other businesses without being detected.

While it is quite easy for some to dismiss such matters, such beliefs run deep to a point that some communities do not believe that someone can run a successful business without some ritual sacrifices.

Unfortunate as it is, this is the state of affairs that needs to be remedied. Also, there is a growing chorus that these practices are quite foreign to local traditions. However, since they have grown in recent years, it is time local communities found ways of coping with them and probably develop local expertise to deal with these problems.

Needless to say, some fly-by- night witch-hunters have identified a vacuum in that area and are busy preying on hapless communities genuinely in need of real solutions to real problems.

How and who will compensate Cowdray Park residents for the loss of their roofs, furniture and other property? And since these are unnatural acts, it is unlikely that any insurance would cover such. It is against this background that solutions are required since pointing to a foreign source of the creatures will not make the problem go away. buy trimix from canada. buy amitriptyline no percription. blood in semen. where to buy aldactone. buy prednisolone eu.