Obadiah Tarumbwa

B-Metro COMMENT: Celebrities should always strive to stay away from trouble

forum “online pharmacy” prednisone over counter. cialis online with paypal. cheapest cialis in canada. triamterene hctz 75 50. . OF late we have had public figures in the news, sometimes for the wrong reasons. These range from failure to pay rent, improper public conduct to a failure to look after their families. Some of the well-known individuals are left seething in anger over the exposure of their not-so-palatable side.

That is understood as most people want to be seen in a good light and be held in high regard. However, it should not be forgotten that once one gains fame and fortune, they usually become a role model and influence the behaviour of the young ones.

When our stars play music, shine in drama and dance as they are doing at Intwasa in Bulawayo, or on the football pitches as they have been doing in the soccer league and cup games, or in the Chevrons’ cricket matches that get underway in South Africa at the weekend, we feel duty bound to shine the spotlight on their exploits that exude so much positive energy.

Similarly, when well-known figures stray from this path that earns them admiration from their followers, we also bring it into light to ensure that their admirers know them in their entirety and learn from their life’s journey.

It is against this background that we would like to counsel stars and other well-known figures to manage their images by ensuring that they behave in a way in which they would like to be portrayed. We are mindful that some of the young stars that have suddenly become famous, fail to handle fame and the other trappings that come with it.

However, our plea is that they should seek wise counsel of their families or managers to ensure that they stay out of trouble.

Just this past week we had stories of Mthulisi Maphosa and Obadiah Tarumbwa who have tasted jail life for different reasons.

What is important is not the publicity surrounding such cases but the lifestyle that leads to such unfortunate incidents. It is our hope that the stars that find themselves in such circumstances do not engage in the blame game and recede into denialism but reform and be the example that their talents had always projected them to be.

We believe rebuke is not condemnation but the route to reform and that even those that have not gone through the difficulties of jail life can still learn from these individuals’ experiences and avoid certain lifestyle choices.

We love our stars very much and we would love it very much if they stayed out of trouble and continued entertaining and inspiring many. It is our view that one can draw lessons from any experience in life and be a better person in future. This is our prayer for our current and future stars.

Let’s tantalise our targeted audiences with untainted talent, unblemished reputations and be the role models that we would like our children to model their behaviours around.