Thembani of Thembani Mubochwa

Artists and red carpet etiquette

Bruce Ndlovu
Awards events are perhaps best defined by the stretch of red carpet that greets most celebs as they enter the business area of events where accolades get won and lost.

Here stars exhibit the best fashion of the day, as they strive to steal the night with the best threads and designs from some of the best talents in the fashion world.

The biggest names in fashion are not made in the fashion runways but on the red carpets of the biggest award shows around the globe.

After the recent Zima and Nama awards debate has raged on what is the proper dress etiquette for eagerly anticipated award nights.

The lazy attitude some local celebrities have towards dressing up for events has come under the spotlight.

Is there any set standard for celebrities to adhere to or should they exercise their creative freedom on the red carpet.

According to South African based celebrity stylist and designer Thembani Mubochwa (ABOVE), while artistes may not be comfortable following a theme that has not been spelt out in the prelude of a ceremony, the duty to wear something that respected an occasion lies with them.

“If an artiste is really serious about his or her image they have to consult people with the knowledge of what it takes with the red carpet. Generally people in fashion and entertainment industries are well connected and it doesn’t take much to solicit an opinion on what it takes to walk the red carpet with style,” he said.

Mubochwa’s view was disputed by veteran marabi star Jeys Marabini who felt that artistes’ core business was music and hence to pay too much attention to their outfits might distract them from the business at hand.

“It is not always possible to bring lavish outfits to these events because of economic challenges especially for the young and upcoming artistes. You can always make the effort but it might not come off as glamorous as some expect,” he said.

Local fashionista and socialite Gilmore Tee however, believes that artistes were just finding excuses to be lazy as they were not only letting themselves down but harming their own brands in the long term.

“Artistes should get out of their comfort zones and dress for the occasion. Building a brand means being relatable to people of diverse backgrounds. Those performing can knock themselves out with creative outfits on stage,” he said.

Rising city musician Mzoe7 noted that while brand building was important, it was also critical to note that artistes catered for different markets and hence had to dress according to the tastes and expectations of their fans.

“All artistes are different and we all have different brands so it is your duty to dress according to the brand you represent. Lady Gaga came covered up in meat and she was accepted as eccentric but if our artistes do the same they are defined as crazy,” he said.