Are you too difficult to date?

Still single? Maybe youa��re just too difficult to date!A�Dr Pam Spurr, self-help expert and author of The Emotional Eatera��s Diet advises on becoming highly datable.
One of my specialty areas is date-coaching and I come across far too many singles who are what I call “difficult to datea�� – usually in three common ways.

Take my quiz to discover if youa��re one of these three difficult to date types thata��s holding you back from finding someone special.

1. When asked what youa��d like to do on a date, do you . . .
A. Say they should choose
B. Tell them the story of the worst place youa��ve ever been on a date
C. Ask them to surprise you (and it better be good)
D. Have a suggestion ready

2. Theya��re nothing like their online profile, do you . . .
A. Think, well, Ia��m lucky to be here
B. Say youa��re going to the toilet and leave
C. Challenge them about being shorter, fatter, etc., than they said
D. Give them a chance, they might be great

3. When you are dating, when is the right time to have sex?
A. I use sex to get them interested
B. Ia��m a bit of a tease and like to keep them guessing
C. Theya��ll have to sweep me off to a five-star hotel in Paris before they get sex
D. When we both feel ready for sex

3. What do you think a first date should be like?
A. Anything that pleases them, I want them to be happy
B. It should be a crazy mix of flirting and fun
C. Ita��s got to be somewhere fantastic
D. Something fun and relaxed

4. How do you handle who pays?
A. I feel awkward so I offer to pay
B. I ignore it and test them to see whether they offer
C. Theya��ve got to pay or I wona��t see them again
D. Ia��d happily suggest sharing it

5. If they have a hobby/interest you cana��t stand, do you . . .
A. Pretend I like it too
B. Tease them about it
C. Definitely change the subject
D. Ask them more about it

6. They show up in an outfit you think is unsuitable for the date, do you . . .
A. Figure I dona��t look that good either so how can I complain
B. Make a joke about their outfit
C. Make your excuses and leave: youa��re not dating someone with bad taste
D. Overlook it, I want to get to know them

7. The first couple dates havena��t been that great, how do you feel . . .
A. Ia��ll stick anything out
B. Ignore their texts, I wona��t bother being in touch
C. I tell them things need to change else therea��s no point
D. Honestly question why they havena��t been great and whether ita��s worth one more shot

8. They want their friends to meet you after a few dates . . .
A. I wonder if my company isna��t enough
B. No way, I dona��t want to meet anyonea��s friends until wea��re serious
C. I think they better be a pretty cool crowd
D. I think thata��s lovely – Ia��ll get to know more about them from their friends

9. They are taking things far too fast for you, how do you feel . . .
A. I secretly hope theya��ll decide to slow things down
B. I know I have them wrapped around my finger
C. I think theya��re are far too desperate for my liking
D. I discuss with them about things going too fast

10. Do you have a type?
A. No, not really
B. Not as long as they entertain me
C. Ia��ve got a must-have list a mile long
D. No as long as they have important qualities like honesty, humour and being caring. – Daily Mail generic pay pal.