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Have you ever got into a situation where you beat yourself because your man would have a�?cuma�? quicker than expected or failed to reach the big a�?Oa�??

There are lots of beliefs when it comes to the issue of mena��s climaxes. Most people have been made to believe that as a woman you are to blame if your man fails to a�?cuma�? while on the other hand, if he reaches the big a�?Oa�? quickly it means the woman is too hot to handle.

My sisters, never have stress after the game trying to find reasons for him cuming too early or late. All you have to do is play your part and enjoy as well. Remember there are men who suffer from early ejaculation and some from a retarded one, so you never know where he falls. At the same time women should understand that alcohol also leads to inability to orgasm. So sisters next time worry less!

Keep your mind occupied on the game, the better part, enjoy the game than calculating the a�?cuma�? moment before it even gets there. Enjoy the bedroom game while ita��s going down.

The norm in our societies has been that men use womena��s orgasms as a yardstick with which to measure their own sexual prowess.

Though therea��s a hell of a lot more to being good in bed than the ability to get another person off, most people take in the message that an orgasm is the sign of good sexual experience.

And men get the message that a good lover isna��t just someone who tries to make a woman come a�� ita��s someone who succeeds. It is unfortunate for women that when men fail, it comes back to haunt them.

The stereotype about orgasms is that men have them easily (by themselves or with a partner), while women find them more elusive. Women are taught that being good in bed is about more than making a man ejaculate; making him come is supposed to be the easy part. In other words, ita��s not about how fast you got him off; ita��s about the quality of the blowjob you gave him first.

Sisters you have to understand the following about orgasm and ita��s a stolen piece written by a man, hopefully it will make you understand few things about the big a�?Oa�?.

a�?With men, if you are new to us, we do not last long in the first encounter, but the following rounds can turn into hours because intentionally we want to make it last. We know the golden rule: Longer is better!

But if youa��re having relations on a regular basis, it becomes more of an intimate situation than a sexual one. When youa��re a woman hea��s just met, hea��s going to give you his best and longest. Later in the relationship, he wona��t be thinking about time anymore. Ita��ll just depend on how good he wants to make you feel.

An unselfish man will control and hold his orgasm until you get yours to make sure you are satisfied. With concentration, we can control our climax, but this usually requires some far-off thought.

A selfish man is just going to get his and not be concerned about whether you get yours. This is a big clue to tell you if hea��s about himself or about the relationship.

At some point I remember how one of the sisters complained how her man easily resort to staring at the ceiling after a rabbit moment. In particular this sister was wondering why men dona��t resort to assisting ladies to reach the big a�?Oa�? as well if the manhood part would have flattered before everyone is satisfied.

We do have some tricks to deal with this problem, though you might not like some of our solutions.

We know how important it is to satisfy you, because if we dona��t, our chances for return visits will be doomed.

To make sure we will be good, some of us will call another girl over before we see you and sleep with her first so that wea��ll be ready for you later. (mana��s secret)

At times men lie about orgasm. They at times say they did even if they failed. Not that they will be doing the woman a favour, but ita��s for their ego!

They might even pretend not to have reached the orgasm just to paint a sex marathon personality while in actuality they would have squirmed in pleasure the second they penetrated.

Sisters, I know with most women when a man fails to reach the big a�?Oa�? they get frustrated, but do not be. I believe instead it should be the opposite, men are the ones supposed to worry when their partners (women) fail to a�?cuma�? because a woman has a number of orgasms if she is given the right dosage.