Are the Ides of March claiming Sandea��s Swazi sojourn?

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BLESSING Sande arrived in Swaziland three seasons ago at the approval of the then Green Mamba head coach Rodwell Dhlakama.

He blossomed into a key player for the Royal Swazi Correctional Services Football Team in his debut season.

But could this month mark the end of his time in the mountainous kingdom?

If anything is to be read from the playera��s return to Zimbabwe to a�?nurse a pulled musclea�?, this could be the beginning of the end to his stint in the MTN Premier League of Swaziland where he is currently signed with struggling Vovovo.

Imagine Liverpool releasing Mohammed Salah to go and nurse a pulled muscle in Egypt? Thata��s truly unheard of but this is the story of Sande whose return to Zimbabwe came just a few days before coach Musa Mamba walked out on troubled Vovovo.

a�?I am in Zimbabwe nursing a pulled muscle which I suffered when we lost 1-3 to Green Mamba. Hopefully I will be back,a�? said Sande.

With the curtain down a mere three rounds of league matches away it is most unlikely Sande would have any reason to return.

Sande, however, insisted he would be returning.

At the time Dhlakama had taken over turning around the journey towards relegation to a championship race together with his assistant Hebert Maruwa (now Black Rhinos coach) Sande was to be added to the squad wasting no time to lead the winning onslaught.

So bright was his arrival that the initial short term contract was renewed without hesitation, coming with a salary rise. At the dawn of the next season it all looked set that Sande would lead the lines but everything changed with the untimely Dhlakama departure.

Sande got less game time resulting in him falling down the players rank, breeding frustration and impatience. And that impatience led to him requesting to be transfer-listed with the Zimbabwean settling for a loan period at Red Lions.

After almost relegation at Lions, Sande jumped ship to Vovovo where he had become a regular scoring two goals in the first half of the season before a hamstring injury kept him out for more than a month. keppra price in france. loxeva and ear infection “online doctor” prescription canada. . via 24hcom.