Are tattoos the in-thing?

ROLE models have a great impact on their subjects. These subjects tend to copy what is done and worn by their role models.
Celebrities in the name of musicians, radio personalities, showbiz presenters, wrestlers are the trend setters in this regard.

Their lifestyles in most cases tend to be a�?Yes and Amena�? to their subjects. Celebrities inscribe tattoos on their neck, arms, and chest as they wish. These tattoos are of different shapes and sizes. They carry different meanings. Being inspired by their role models teenagers inscribe tattoos so as to a�?feela�? like their role models.

However, do the youths who have become part and parcel of the new fashion trend understand the meaning behind it?

They believe it is sexy and trendy. They want to be part of the prevailing in-thing. However, the interesting part is where these tattoos are inscribed. Some inscribe them on their abdomen, while some inscribe a tattooed mark adjacent their private parts. Daring othersA� inscribe a tattoo of a private part on their body.

This fashion crazy fashion forced Upbeat to unravel the motive behind inscribing a tattoo.

A tattoo is an ink design inserted into the skin, commonly using a needle. In its various forms, it has been used ornamentally and religiously by people from different cultures.

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons: to identify themselves with a religious or social group; to adorn their bodies; as protective symbols or to cover skin discolourations.

Christian youths expressed a divided opinion on the subject under spot light.

a�?I just did this tattoo of a gun at a tender age and I had no knowledge about any connotations that could be attached to it. But now I am a devoted Christian and I realise the meaning attached to it. It makes me feel out of place when I am with my church mates. I feel it portrays a wrong picture about me,a�? says Victor Dube.

Sharon Magwadi said: a�?I just did this tattoo on my breast and I feel sexy. Most of the guys admire it. Moreover, this helps me have a competitive advantage over other my peersa�?, she said.

However, Sinokuthaba differed with her fellow peers as she said she believes that a tattoo is satanic. a�?Just imagine some insert images of snakes such as a python. Snakes are associated with Satanism and they portray a wrong image to the people. Even in the Bible a snake is equated to Satan,a�? said Magwadi.

Sbu (15) said he did not think there was anything wrong with that.

a�?My girlfriend likes mine and is cool with it,a�? he said.

Mandla Zikhali who is 24, declared his love for his tattoo and said it portrays his character.

a�?You know what, this tattoo of a Lion shows that I am a courageous man hence fearful. A lion is known to be a brave animal, so I take after that. l feel like ngiyabe sengiyisikhokho.a�?

A tatoo is like a scar, once it is inscribed it cannot be removed. One dies with it. In that regard it will remind you of your past that you may want to quickly forget.

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Thabo from Bulawayo: a�?I think homosexuals should be prayed for and counselled because I believe that is demonic.a�?

Ntando from Hwange: a�?Teenagers copy the lifestyles of celebrities who feature in soaps but forget that those characters would be just actinga�?

Chipo from Harare: a�?I do not see anything wrong with being a gay as it is not a mana��s doing but a natural factor.a�?
Martha( 40): a�?We now live in a global village and there is no way we can avoid homosexuality. Our kids are socialised into it.a�?

Denli from Kwekwe: a�?My friend is gay and we accept him like that. It has become normal to interact and live with gays. Our society has many of them.a�?