water pool



When someone mentions pool exercises, many automatically imagine endless hours of swimming laps back and Forth.

While this is a type of beneficial cardiovascular exercise, its not the only kind of workout you could do in a pool.

Water takes the loaf off when you jump in the pool, the water naturally reduces the amount of force placed on your body by around 90%.

This makes aerobic water exercise a safer alternative to land based exercises for people with joint conditions such arthritis or back problems. If jogging , jumping or dancing is painfully on land , working out in the water will give you a comparable aerobic workout without as much joint and bone stress but anyone also without joint problems can also do the water exercises you will benefit from the water natural resistance, the water resistance is 10 times greater than the air which means you work harder to move through it.

The shallow end of the pool is the best place to start ,find an area in the pool where you can stand so the water Is at upper chest or shoulder level, wear a comfortable swimming costume and you will also need hand dumbbells. Non swimmers can enjoy water aerobics exercises too. You can do the following exercises:

SHOULDER SHRUGS, with arms hanging at your sides , move only the shoulders up, back and downward in shrugging motion. Move the dumbbells in larger circles until transitioned to full plunging motion. Add knee bends or backward walk.

LATERAL RAISE OR PRESS, begin with dumbbells at your side swing the dumbbells out and upward and then return , start with small swings and progressively increase up to a maximum height of the shoulders , keep elbows slightly bent.

PLUNGES, begin with dumbbells at your sides arms nearly straight. Alternately raise the dumbbells to your armpits and lower them you will simple just be going up down, up and down.

FLYS, begin with the dumbbells together in front of and close to the chest. Move the dumbbells outward and shoulders back then return. Gradually make the movements wider and farther from the body. Keep abdominals or stomach tight and do not allow the back to arch.

PADDLE, WHEEL FORWARD/ REVERSE flagyl dosage. , warm up the shoulders and chest ,start slow and gain speed. Churn the dumbbells one over the other in front of the body in a forward circular motion. nd paddle .