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Appreciate each other

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IF you ask any woman her worst enemy, ita��s not surprising that the result would be another woman.

The biggest challenge for women development is the a�?Pull Her Down Syndromea�? also known as PHD.

In as much as there are several cases of gender-based violence, ita��s becoming apparent that women to women violence cases are also becoming an issue of concern. Why is it that women fail to appreciate each other?

The smallest of things sets us off against each other and women dona��t seem to try and find common ground for reasoning.

This has even given men a leverage to abuse us, knowing that at the end of the day, despite being strong as women, we fail to reach a point of reasoning and besides, we always settle our differences with catfights.

In most cases, I have seen a woman being paraded naked in a walk of shame, another woman would have stripped her naked just to embarrass and prove a point to her. Why do women find gratification in seeing one of their own walking naked of all the things?

This yeara��s International Womena��s day theme was Be Bold for Change! Sisters, I believe that the best change that we need is a positive attitude towards each other. Not necessarily a point of empathy per se, but that level of appreciating and respecting another sister, for we already are in the same boat facing similar challenges.

Instead of waiting for 8 March to acknowledge each other annually, why dona��t we make Womena��s Day a daily thing? Carry yourself around with that attitude of pride of a hard working woman, in the same manner you portray yourself, look at other women in similar fashion regardless of their profession.

Already as women we have enough problems presented to us by a patriarchal society, therefore bear in mind that divided we fall but united we can rebuild the society and show men that we are arsenal and a force to reckon with.

Try to bring change to the world within your space, give the same acknowledgement and appreciation to a woman next to you.

The attitude starts from the smallest compliment of a dress code to a business adventure. The essence of being bold and changing the world is being able to compliment another sister and ask for tips on how you can venture into the same business or get notes on how she manages to keep herself looking vibrant.

I have noticed how men, not that Ia��m comparing women to men, are able to put their differences aside and move on as if nothing has happened. That being said, sisters, we must be bold to tell the truth no matter how difficult it is, as long as in the end it builds us to be better grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives or girlfriends.

Surprisingly I have noticed that most work places have few women, but you will find out that as few as they are, some of them will not be on talking terms. Some have even gone to conclude that ita��s natural.

No! No! No! Since when did hate become natural, we are born as loving and caring beings but we are socialised into expressing our love only to those who share the same ideas with us. Unfortunately for us ladies it seems we share no ideas with any of our sisters!

Too much talk about how sisters have to treat each other, I believe that point has been driven home. Nevertheless, International Womena��s Day is a point of reflection and celebrating ourselves, our achievement and our mothers and even helping other sisters that are in need or mostly in abusive relationships. As we know that gender-based violence, be it emotional or physical, ita��s the worst form of violence that any woman can endure, leta��s take it upon ourselves to report any case that we might have come across, you can save a life.

The same magnitude that you celebrate 31 December is the same zeal that you are supposed to celebrate International Womena��s Day because a lot has been achieved. Women are no longer viewed as second class citizens, but real people. Just by going through what used to happen to our great grandmothers, tears fill your eyes and you then realise the big achievement of women.

Though we have achieved a lot since we attained independence, ita��s sickening to learn that there are some sisters and mothers who are facilitating early child marriages.

My sister, if you have ever organised a sugar daddy for your under-aged sister just for the sake of enriching yourself or your family, that is the most evil thing you can do on this earth, as such relationships destroy that child forever.

Ita��s time as sisters we mould our baby sisters to be the great women of the next generation, not mere sexual objects or punching bags for attaining money. Let every woman be bold and change the world!

Till next time my sisters, but I hope what we discussed today is the foundation of even a greater future for all of us.

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