Angelina Jolie meets refugees in Thailand

Ban Mai Soi Camp a�� Angelina Jolie, United Nations High-Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), met with ethnic Karenni refugees at the Ban Mai Nai Soi refugee camp over the weekend.
The camp is located approximately 2km from the Thai-Myanmar border. As a civil war in Kachin State escalates, most Karenni refugees in Thailand say they still dona��t feel safe to return home.

Admission to refugee camps in Thailand is governed by the countrya��s Provincial Admissions Board (PAB) mechanism.

But as clashes continue to break out sporadically in southeastern Burma, the unregistered population in camps has grown to an estimated 54 000 people, with a steady flow of new entrants, according to the UNHCR. – News24 buying viagra online danger.