Andy Muridzo

Andy asks for second chance

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Ia��M a changed man!

So claims musician Andy Muridzo as he enters a new phase in his music career at a time when he is smarting away from Jah Prayzaha��s Military Touch Movement (MTM).

Some musicians in the past have found life cold outside big stables that enjoy a monopoly. To avoid that Andy is asking for one more chance.

a�?Andy has realised his wrong doings. He hurt so many people especially his fans so hea��s appealing to the Zimbabwean community to forgive him and help him in reshaping his musical career as it is a fact that he is a talented gem,a�? said his new manager Gift Petro.

The Derira hit-maker said he was coming out of a a�?moment of madnessa�?.

a�?Just like a prodigal son, Andy is coming back stronger and wiser to the fans he deserted by doing bad things while he was still trapped in the moment of madness. Please help him revive his music,a�? said Petro.

Apart from his rebranding mission, a new 15-track album titled Munondo recorded at Bazooka Studios which will be launched today (04 May) at Club 1+1 in Harare will serve as a u-turn for him.

Will fans stop seeing his controversial and childish tendencies?

Petro said Andy has been undergoing discipline training and grooming to conduct himself as a brand to the public.

a�?Andy has been receiving grooming lessons, as he admitted to all the wrongs he did and asked his fans for forgiveness.

a�?He is still young and deserves a second chance as we all know we learn from our mistakes, leta��s bury the past and see what the future holds for him,a�? said Petro.

Perhaps the a�?confused boya�? Andy Muridzo who is said to have been groomed to a man will stay away from trouble and focus on making good music for his fans. twins turbo. real brand name viagra. potensmedel cialis.