And then a dude from Harare came alonga��

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I had never heard the name Biggie Chinoperekwei up until about 10 days ago. To be honest it could have been mentioned here and there by some of my friends, I just did not care.

He was just another guy coming into our city to make a quick buck, milk us dry and go back to where ever he crawled from.

Who is Biggie? He has been on our lips directly or indirectly for a while. He is the man behind the popular Private Lounge, or rather the reason for a shift in our entertainment.

I tell you the Bulawayo night life will never be the same after the introduction of the Private Lounge. I have been there twice, it felt like Las Vegas. I will end there about the joint for now.

I have heard about the Harare Jam Sessions and how they are becoming popular by the day.

They happen every Monday, under the theme a�?every day is a Fridaya�?. I met Biggie because he wants to start the same thing here in Bulawayo and Sandra Ndebele had suggested I help him.

Ita��s an open secret that I will do anything for art, so I jumped at the offer to even discuss such. While in the middle of the discussion, as you may already know, Biggie brought up the idea of bussing local artistes to Harare to showcase their art.

Nine different acts will fly the Citya��s flag in the capital on Monday 25 July. I will be one of them, alongside Jeys Marabini, Sandra Ndebele, Donna N, Lady T, Constance, Leeknotic, Mzoe 7 and Guluva 7. Assuming people want to know what we all do. Me, Lady T, Jeys and Donna are more on the afro jazz side.

Guluva 7 and Leeknotic will represent house music and hip-hop while Sandra Ndebele and Mzoe 7 will represent Bulawayo with their dance tunes. Just in case one is wondering how the selection was done, trust me many did not see the value of it all.

Why is this important to me? We have hundreds of businessmen in the city and they barely ever support local arts.

Here comes a guy with no local interests whatsoever, he is investing his time and cash on strangers in the city.

Imagine if we had about five Biggies. Our arts industry would be far in terms of value. Many a times, traffic is one way ita��s Winky D , Jah Prayzah and Tuku taking turns to come and entertain here. For once, we are on our way to the capital.

It may not be the grandest of events, but ita��s a start. Sharing the stage with us is no Winky D or Jah Prayzah. But I would not mind if a few collaborations grew from the outing. Biggie ungadinwa lakusasa, sikufisela okuhle, njalo siyabonga.

We appreciate. When the time comes to launch in Bulawayo, leta��s do it big. Until next week, be safe . . .