Samuel Molefe

a�?Ancestors say Ia��m too ugly to diea��

FOR 10 years, madala Samuel Molefe (75) from Orlando East in Soweto has been praying to his ancestors to take him.

a�?But they wona��t let me die,a�? he told Daily Sun.

a�?They come back in dreams and tell me that I am too ugly to die.a�?

The madala, who rents a shack in a backyard, said his life is a mess.

a�?Nothing I try to do works out. Ia��m old and tired.a�?

He said three times he has tried taking his life but failed.

a�?In 2014 I took poison. It didna��t kill me because I vomited it all,a�? he said.

He said in 2016 he tried hanging himself in his shack.

a�?I tied the rope to the roof, stood on top of a bucket and kicked it away a�� but the roof fell down.a�?

He said the last attempt was in June this year.

a�?I went to the railway line in Orlando and sat there all day but a train never came.a�?

He heard later the trains were not working and would not be working for some time.

a�?All attempts have failed but I havena��t given up. I still want my ancestors to do the honourable thing and take me.a�?

The madala said his living family as well as his late family had deserted him.

a�?I dona��t see the point of living only to be a burden to people. Ia��ve been poor all my life. Maybe I will find happiness on the other side.a�?

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimkhulu said that the madala needs to wait for his time.

a�?Perhaps God still has plans for him,a�? he said.

Joburg therapist Samkelisiwe Magudulela said the madala seemed to be suffering from depression and needed to see a doctor immediately for help. a�� Online how to buy diclofenac gel. elocon online pharmacy uk. express shipping ed meds online erectile dysfunction sample packs. .

  • Kumbie Chivunze

    kkkkkkkkkk u fun ….. u did wait enough at the train station…. i’m sry…. poison …… wt type…. and a rope to ur shack….maybe it wasn’t tt strong…. srs why wld u take ur own life….. man life suck for everybody….were u want to go there is peace thus y they don’t want u there….u like u hv lived up to be 75…i wsh for tt…nd i noe i will nt reach ere….only if they start cloning maybe…. appreciate wat u hv nigga….. kill urself u fun…. ur movie…”WHEN DEATH TAKES A BREAK”….coming out soon action dram packed