Amakhosi launches Dreams to Fame X-cilarated

DREAMS to Fame is a talent search platform which takes place annually at Amakhosi Cultural Centre in Bulawayo.
On Saturday, Amakhosi Cultural Centre launched an extension of Dreams to Fame called Dreams To Fame X-cilarated.

The show is set to take place every fortnight as part of the evening edition of the Dreams to Fame 2014.

Amakhosi Cultural Centre director, Cont Mhlanga, said unlike Dreams to Fame which is a talent search show, Dreams to Fame X-cilarated seeks to market talent which is already there.

a�?This show takes place every fortnight as part of the evening edition of Dreams To Fame 2014 season running every Saturday from the first week of August to 13 December at the Cultural Centre starting 7pm till 11:30pm.

a�?In other shows of Dreams to Fame the show model seeks to identify talent, where as in this expo show Dreams to Fame X-cilarated, the model seeks to define the acts, push up profiles and expose to the market the already identified artistes who are starting out in the performing arts industry,a�? he said.

The aim of the show is to also expose artistes to the public who are the consumers of their finished products.

a�?Dreams to Fame X-cilarated also seeks to provide an affordable platform and audience to those pro artistes who want to launch to the market their new works, albums and stage acts during the summer season each year,a�? said Mhlanga.

Dreams to Fame X-cilarated acts will include comedy, music and dance.

a�?Acts in one evening are at 8pm; 9pm and 10pm focusing primary on stand-up comedy, all forms of music and all forms of dance. In between the acts the floor is given to the audience to shake it and take part in audience competitions,a�? he said.

The exciting part of the show is the evaluation by the audience if the act by the artiste is worth their time and a performance fee for the presented act. Green light is an audience vote that the act is great and the artistes should be invited back to the show, be paid an appearance fee and their act filmed for TV broadcasts and packaged in DVD.

Amber is an audience vote that the act is average and the artistes should go back to the rehearsal room and be given a second chance on the show but without an appearance fee.

Red is a vote by the audience that the act is a�?rubbisha�?, simply a way of throwing away precious time for everyone involved and the artistes do not deserve any form of payment nor another chance on the show in the 2014 season of Dreams to Fame X-cilarated.

The launch featured performances from Long John (Stand- up Comedy), Kasi Lunatics (hip hop) and Mthwakazi Arts (Contemporary Dance).

The next show of Dreams to Fame X-cilarated will be held on 6 September. daily cialis without prescription.