Always make time for your partner

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AS a woman, it is important to balance wife-hood, motherhood and career so that you do not end up having problems in one or two areas of your life or even in all.

It is unfortunate that most women allow their motherhood or careers to destroy their bedroom life, eventually destroying their marriages. A wise woman should try and balance motherhood, wife-hood and career.

No matter how busy you are, always remember that you have roles to fulfill and you have to balance up everything. Most relationships change for the worst when the couple gets blessed with children. Children are a blessing from God, therefore should not bring problems in the relationship.

Some men feel deserted as their partners will be concentrating on the children and their careers having no time for them! Sisters, remember no matter how successful you are in other areas of life, if you are not fulfilling your wifehood roles then you are a failure.

As a woman, never allow motherhood to murder your sex life. One should make sure that breastfeeding; babysitting and work duties do not destroy their bedroom life.

A woman should plan out her day. Let your partner know that you need his support with the children if he must get the best of you in the bedroom. Do not just grumble, discuss the issue with love.

It is wise not to just start complaining about the hard time you have with children, house chores and your career. Just explain nicely how you feel about everything and ask him to help you maybe with childrena��s homework.

I remember this other short film I watched, the woman was left with no choice but to deny her husband his conjugal rights because she was always tired. Just imagine, her day started at around 5am, she would prepare children for school before leaving for work. Spending the whole day busy and with a lot of pressure at work, she would knock off at around 5pm. When she got home, she never rested as the husband only wanted food cooked by her. Soon after supper, she would help children with homework. By the time she got to bed, she was tired and never had the energy to play the adult game with her husband.

It was difficult for her to discuss the issue with her partner and therefore she decided to put him on sanctions with the hope that he would realise that she was failing to balance her roles.

Your partner is your best friend, never hide anything from him and in as much as you will share all your problems with your girl best friend, the same should happen in a relationship.

Sisters, never allow your career to carry away your marriage. No matter how good you are at the office, the day will come when you will have to resign or be asked to go. Just imagine, if you have messed your relationship, where and who will you turn to?

Do not be that kind of woman who looks down on her partner and think that work is more important than him. Remember, money is not everything and it can not buy you happiness!

Creatively work out a way to keep your man and children happy. At least try to make time for your partner and give him the total of yourself during the weekend. If he does not invite you to bed, do. Always remember that a married man with an unfulfilled libido can masturbate anytime, do not give him time for that.

If need be, get a helper (maid). Let her relieve you of some duties at home, but not to take over your wife-hood. The duty of taking care of your husbanda��s food belongs to you even if you have a hundred maids.

It is sad that some professional women leave everything to their maids and they end up running their homes. You have to know things which you can let your maid do and the no go areas, for example, the maid should not clean your love nest.

Let there be open communication between you and your husband. You know there are certain things which your husband will not be comfortable withA� when they are done by maids, so give him a chance to open up and you get to know what he expects. When a couple has good communication, a woman will be able to tell her partner when she is feeling tired. Most women allow their husbands to build up sexual desires before they tell them they are tired. Telling him that you are tired every night can make him tired of you. Constant night tiredness is not healthy!

Wondering how you can balance the three, your husband, children and then your career. There must be a work-life balance!

Tell your man about your happenings in the office, so he can adjust himself to suit your schedule. Never allow the desire to get to the top of your career destroy your family life.

Never be too busy to be romantic and never be a bedroom dropout! Be excellent, and be inviting, let your partner be proud of you.
Never carry the office stresses home. When you get home, lighten up, brighten up, as you are the heartbeat of the house.

As we celebrate Mothera��s Day, let your family have every reason to celebrate your existence as you balance wife-hood, motherhood and career.

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