Africa Revenge goes for boobs

Bruce Ndlovu why was etodolac discontinued. One group that has always prided itself on its preservation of African culture and custom through song is Afrika Revenge. From the groupa��s conception, it has been the cultural standard bearer for youths across the country, with their unique modern twist on traditional African music and rhythms endearing to many. When urban grooves was the a�?it thinga�? and many young artistes tried to sound as American as they could, Afrika Revenge was breaking new moulds on the foundations of old ones as they mashed the old with the new. It should come as no surprise therefore that the groupa��s grip on culture extends beyond the countrya��s borders.

The group was recently in South Africa for the shooting of the Domba video, a collaboration with South Africaa��s Uhuru. Uhuru and Afrika Revenge seems a match made in an innovatora��s heaven, with the South African group usually praised for bringing back traditional music elements into the mainstream through their infectious and catchy house tunes.

Although he declined to speak about the collaboration, Afrika Revenge member Willis Wataffi was not shy to advertise their colourful recent adventure in South Africa on their Facebook page.

a�?I see culture preservation and thread protection of our ethos. What do you see?a�? he posted next to a picture of topless young ladies dressed in traditional Venda garb. Wataffi also used his page to mock some of the standards associated with modern music videos. a�?Videos must have woman in bikinis and blown up boobs . . . really,a�? he captioned another picture.