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KNOWLEDGE is power and you cannot go wrong if you acquire it and apply it in any activity you want to pursue in life.

Knowledge is useful information or it could be information that is earmarked for a purpose or to accomplish an objective that has been set.

There is a risk that if one does not acquire requisite information that is necessary for the running of the business; the business that one wants to undertake is bound to fail.

So knowledge is power. It is common knowledge that every successful business venture that you see around is anchored on sound information coupled with technical know-how.

This is to say the owners at first acquired information and became knowledgeable on how to run their businesses.
One good example of a businessperson who first acquired information and turned it into practical use is Beauty Bhulu who runs a successful five-star lodge in the City of Kings and Queens.

She tells her story which is from humble beginnings to riches.

a�?At first I was a teacher but I wanted to be a businesswoman although I had no knowledge on how to transform my idea into reality. It happened that there was career guidance at a school where I was teaching. For that occasion, different perssonel came to our school and I hooked up with a business expert from National University of Science and Technology who adequately advised me to do a business course so that I would get information on how to run a business.

a�?It was then that I started to do a business course. It has helped me a lot because I have embarked on the business of my interest and I can safely say I am doing well. I attribute the success to the information that I acquired at college. I have learnt that with all the information that I have extensive pool of knowledge that pertains to customer needs, and understanding and the business environment,a�? said Bhulu.

She added: a�?The information that I acquired helped me to have a clear-cut understanding of the business nature and types of customers that I serve and the type of customers that I target. I have grown to learn how to deal with different customers without any hustle due to customer the service and care course that I attained.a�?

The clichA� that says one learns from the best points one to follow the route of those who have accomplished like Bhulu.

For those who are still at school pursuing studies I believe it is good wisdom to venture into a business activity in an area you are well versed with. This will help you in the pursuance of your business venture and I bet you will run it with distinction.

Practical subjects such as Agriculture, Food and Nutrion, Fashion and Fabrics, Hairdressing, Metal Work and Building are of paramount importance in this regard. You have to do them with full dedication knowing fully that you can eke out a living from them.

You never know what the future holds but with practical subjects you could kill two birds with one stone. You could be gainfully employed and employ people to run your business on your behalf. How beautiful it is to be an entrepreneur.

Information will help you venture into the business fully geared on what to expect and how best to execute your plans in order to achieve your goals.

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