penis enlargement

Accept the organ as it is . . . Think twice!!!!

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THE thought of a bigger sausage has crossed most womena��s minds especially if onea��s partner is not endowed with the top-of-the-range mechanism.
Sisters, I know most of you have relished if not tolerated the thought of your man going through penis enlargement. Worst mistake ever!

Organ enlargement pamphlets promising anaconda wonders are now rife and one wonders if they are genuine deals.

We all know to a better extent that size does not matter, ita��s all about the strong will behind the operator. Actually we have had women fleeing their men because they couldna��t stand the huge size of the sausage.

In a small survey that I conducted I got shocking revelations after some women approved their partners small one-eyed wonder weasels are better that way than having it big.

In another study which was carried out in Kenya and United States of America, it was discovered that marital infidelity on the part of women was because their spouses had long one-eyed wonder weasels.

All this is just to drive home the point that penis enlargement comes with serious repercussions or side effects.

Have you wondered what if it got too big?

There are no possible ways of shrinking it back. I have always insisted that the devil you know is better than the angel you have never met, these sentiments are never further from reality.

It is said that men usually go for penile enlargement with the hope to sexually satisfy their wives, but the results are usually the other way around.

I have heard of women complaining of not enjoying the adult game because they will be feeling as if the one-eyed wonder weasel has been inserted in the stomach. Long ones give that pain!

Linking what I have always heard with the study, it all makes sense as the researchers say the long one-eyed wonder weasels increase sexual discomfort. The researchers quoted one of the women in the study saying:

a�?Some penises may be large yet my vagina is small, when he tries to insert it inside, it hurts so much that I will have to look for another man who has a smaller one and can do it in a way I can enjoya�?.

As a result, most women who find themselves in such situations end up having extra-marital affairs as they will be sexually starved!

It seems the trick of enlarging has not worked for many women as they complain of being left a�?a�?hanginga��a�� not knowing whether the game is over or still continuing. This is because they will still be lost over what will be happening inside them since they will not be feeling it!

Sisters, do not encourage your man to go for enlargement because it is just a myth that big or long one-eyed wonder weasels guarantees you pleasurable moments in the bedroom.

You do not have to be fooled by what you see in pornographic movies and then start complaining to your partners about their sizes because after going for enlargement, you will get the disappointment of your life and it will be unchangeable.

Get satisfied with what you have and if you are not getting what you expect consider trying different sexual positions rather than a�?disfiguringa�? your partner.

As a couple, you have to find out what turns both of you on and I mean extremely on during foreplay then do the things that you like most. Thata��s it.

You have to understand that the adult game is not only about the private parts, no! Each and every body part has a role to play. Even if you encourage your man to have it enlarged as long as you do not know how to use the other parts of the body, then it does not add any value.

Use your fingers or your mouth, whatever it takes. Listen to each other and body language will tell you all you need to know. Size does not matter!

Do not be misled by your friends and other sisters. I know most women always brag and claim that they are sexually satisfied because of their partnera��s big organ, but that is not true, they only use it effectively. The other thing to take note of is that womena��s views on what is too big, too small and perfect are different.

You will get carried away and advise your partner to protract his organ after hearing your friendsa�� claims, not knowing that when she said her husbanda��s one-eyed monster weasel is long, she meant the size of your husband or even a shorter one.

The other thing you should understand is that the sizes of cookie jars are different. The size that fits and pleases your friend might not satisfy you.

Sisters, play around with what you have and do not force those men to go and enlarge their one-eyed wonder weasels because you might live to regret that.
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