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Abuser bans lover from having phone

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A BULAWAYO woman claims her possessive and jealous live-in boyfriend banned her from owning a mobile phone as a way of limiting the amount of time she communicates with her friends and relatives.

Sarah Kutsanzira said her unemployed lover, Kelvin Masarakufa from Cement Siding, who also suspected her of cheating on him declared that she had no right to have a cellphone.

Kutsanzira further said Masarakufa was of a violent nature adding that at one time when she was on her monthly period, he brutally attacked her after he suspected her of inducing an abortion.

She made the revelations at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she sought a protection order against Masarakufa whom she also said was in the habit of consuming alcohol.

a�?I have endured years of domestic violence at the hands of my live-in partner (Kelvin Masarakufa).

a�?We have been cohabiting since 2013 and during those years he physically abused me on several occasions. On 8 February this year he beat me up and broke my cheekbone while accusing me of having a boyfriend.

a�?He also banned me from owning a cellphone as he does not want me to communicate with my relatives and friends. He once beat me up for going on my period after he suspected that I had induced an abortion. My body is always in pain as a result of his abuse,a�? complained Kutsanzira.

She further said her lover was also apparently a�?allergica�? to condoms as he was always forcing her to have unprotected sex.

a�?He does not want to use protection and whenever I refuse to sleep with him he forces himself on me. Kelvin is also insulting me while accusing me of stealing his money which he would have spent on beer,a�? she added.

In response, Masarakufa asked for forgiveness but claimed he had reasons for his actions.

a�?It is not true that I am abusing her and banning her from having a cellphone. I took the one she was using after we had a misunderstanding over some money which went missing in the house.

a�?Your Worship, I am sorry for all the abuse I have perpetrated on her. Can she forgive me because I really love her,a�? pleaded a remorseful Masarakufa.

Following his admission to abuse allegations presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya, sternly ordered Masarakufa not to physically, verbally, sexually and emotionally abuse his lover.

He also ordered him to allow Kutsanzira to have access to a cellphone and communicate with her relatives and friends. can you take 40 mg of levitra.