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Abomination . . . Man whips daughter-in-law in dispute

Vendetta Mtunzi
HATE between in-laws never cease to amaze. It’s either a daughter-in-law hates a mother-in-law or a son-in-law does not see eye to eye with his mother-in-law.

However, a woman from Mpopoma found herself in a worse predicament, as her father-in-law has made himself judge, jury and almost executioner each time she and her husband have a disagreement.

Nelybert Chikaka from Mpopoma has accused her father-in-law John Muchabaiwa who resides in Cowdray Park of going to her house just to insult and assault her.

“Each time I have a misunderstanding with my husband my father-in-law comes to my house unannounced and then he starts insulting me, calling me names before assaulting me saying I do not behave.

“I really don’t understand him. He comes to discipline me according to him yet I am not his wife,” said Chikaka.
According to Chikaka her father-in-law was violent.

“He drives those mushikashika cars and I think that’s where his awful behaviour comes from. He is abusing me in broad daylight and it is so humiliating as someone’s wife to be beaten by your father in-law,” added a sobbing Chikaka.

When B-Metro caught up with Muchabaiwa he narrated his side of the story.

“Chikaka is trouble, she is the worst daughter-in-law as she does not listen when told what to do and does not respect her elders.

“She wants me to set an appointment when going to my son’s house, what a disgrace,” said Muchabaiwa.

Asked if the assault accusations were true he said: “When a child does not listen, you discipline them, so that’s all I will be trying to do.”
Chikaka’s husband urged the B-Metro crew not to publish the story.

“Kindly respect our privacy and not publish such a matter as it will result in hate in the family,” added Chikaka’s husband.