Jeys Marabini

A prosperous arts industry is possible

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Imagine Jay Z and Beyonce sharing the stage with Jeys Marabini and Hwabaraty in Bulawayo?

For now ita��s just hopes and dreams but a similar situation is a reality just next door in South Africa where Usher Raymond will share the stage with Cassper Nyovest and Bonang among others at the Global Citizen Concert, a free event.

Back home, we are a country with serious potential and beautiful lands and more often than not, we are being reduced to admirers of South Africa.

We are even glued to their TV stations and their music rules us! They have created an illusion that life is good in their country. Even when they make movies about their crime or freedom we watch that in awe.

Everyone on this end knows that South Africaa��s crime rate is something else, but why are big film studios running there? Why are world music stars taking turns to fly into South Africa.

After all is said and done they all tweet and say how beautiful South Africa is. In turn their fans want to go there too, thereby boosting the South African tourism sector.

Why am I being all so serious? If a promoter is trying to bring an international act into Zimbabwe, one has to go through the very tedious process of National Arts Council, Zimra, Censorship Board and immigration.

All these pretty much demand an arm and a leg. What sort of sane promoter starts at minus $25 000 because of our laws? Add salt to that wound, we do not have venues for the arts.

Try booking Bulawayoa��s Large City Hall or Barbourfields Stadium from Bulawayo City Council, you will scream to high heavens as they want even more. They call it professional rates.

A very prosperous arts industry is possible. Until next week, be safea��
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