Hazel Marimbiza
A BULAWAYO prostitute got the shock of her life when a client she had been entertaining the whole night paid her with a fake $10 note.

Cinderella Moyo (20, ABOVE) who resides in Cowdray Park had charged Fortune Dube $20 for a whole night service, but the latter begged for half price saying he was suffering from January disease.

Moyo could not believe her eyes after working hard all night only to realise she had been duped with fake money.

Narrating her nightmare, Moyo confirmed that she was a professional thigh vendor at Masimini Sports Bar in Cowdray Park.

“I go to the bar to hunt for clients and that is my full time job,” said Moyo.

She revealed that she met Dube at the bar and he misled her into believing that he had a lot of cash as he bought her beer.

Feeling lucky, she took the man to her house.

“When I had finished servicing him, he gave me a $10 note and we started quarrelling because he had previously agreed that he would give me $20 for my services.

“I accepted the money considering it is January and I desperately needed money to buy food for my children.

“When I got to the shops, the shop attendant shockingly told me I was in possession of fake money,” said Moyo.
Moyo launched a manhunt for Dube in order to confront him about the issue, but she discovered he had been arrested by police on an undisclosed issue.