73 percent women fake orgasms

MARCH 8 marks International Womena��s Day, and revealing new survey results have debunked the myth behind women faking orgasms. Ita��s no secret that more than 50 percent of women fake climax a�� but no one suspected that more than 70 percent of women enjoy acting it out.

The survey, conducted by VictoriaMilan a�� a dating website for married and attached women looking to cheat a�� listened in on the oohs, aahs, ins and outs of 5A�708 of its actively cheating female members to uncover when, why and with whom women are faking their orgasms.

The majority of women (73 percent) faking orgasms are performing for their partners, while a mere 16 percent choose to fake it for their lovers. Just 11 percent say that both their lover and long-term partner will have the privilege of witnessing their sensual performances.

A whopping 68 percent a�� thata��s almost seven out of every 10 women polled a�� say they usually enjoy the moment they decide to fake their orgasm. One fourth say faking an orgasm isna��t an enjoyable moment, and 7 percent get satisfaction out of their moment of fake pleasure every single time.

The main reason behind faking an orgasm is to provide pleasure and confidence to the partner, with more than 62 percent of women agreeing this is why they perform in the bedroom. 9 percent claim they have a mini-orgasm when pretending to actually have one, and 8 percent say ita��s to arouse their partner and keep the mattress marathon going for longer. Just 10 percent of women use a fake orgasm to end the sex, and only 6 percent say they fake it because a real orgasm is impossible for them to achieve.

43 percent of women fake their orgasm every single time theya��re in the act, while 2 out of every 10 women say ita��s only every so often they decide to act out their orgasm. Just 1 in every 10 women surveyed say theya��ll indulge in a fake orgasm as frequently as once a week.

The majority of women are confident in their acting abilities, with 39 percent saying their partner has no idea they are faking their orgasms.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the results showed that women are naturally generous lovers, who take pleasure even when faking it.

a�?Women have been faking orgasms for centuries, and now we have revealed why a�� and ita��s not what people typically suspect: to end the sex. Certainly, women perform fake orgasms to encourage their partners, but they also get pleasure from the theatre and the attention a fake orgasm brings them,a�? Mr Vedal said.

Poland 67%
Norway 61%
South Africa 58%
Netherlands 57%
United States 56%
Belgium 55%
Finland 52%
Ireland 51%
Denmark 48%
United Kingdom 44%
Sweden 39%
Spain 29%


5A�708 female members of Victoria Milan polled
Do you fake orgasms?
Yes 51%
No 49%

If yes, whom do you fake orgasms with?
My partner 73%
My lover 16%
Both 11%

Do you enjoy the moment you fake an orgasm?
Sometimes 68%
Never 25%
Always 7%

For what reason do you fake orgasms?
To pleasure my partner 62%
To end the sex 10% It feels really good physically 2%
It makes the sex better 3%

The faking arouses my partner more we have sex for longer 8%
It feels like I have a mini-orgasm 9%
It is impossible for me to climax naturally 6%
How often do you fake vs. real climax?
Every time 43%
Every other time 22%
Once a week 9%
Once a month 13%
Once a year 13%

Do you think your partner suspects you are faking?
Yes 38%
No 39%
Maybe 23%

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