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7 ways exercise can improve your sex life

It Boosts Blood Flow
IT just makes sense: The more you exercise, the healthier your arteries a�� including the ones that go between your legs. A cardio routine to get the blood pumping. Exercise increases the flexibility of your arteries, so ita��s easier for them to expand and get blood coursing through your veins. And for men, the better your blood flow, the stronger your erection.

But ita��s not just men who benefit. University of Texas at Austin researchers had 35 women come in on two separate occasions to watch a brief travel film followed by an erotic video; before one session, the women cycled for 20 minutes. Using a device that measures blood flow to the vagina, the researchers found that women were 169 percent more aroused while watching the X-rated film after a sweat session.

It Boosts Testosterone
Pumping iron can help pump up your levels of the sex hormone testosterone, too. A Baylor University study found that mena��s testosterone levels were highest during the 48 hours after they lifted weights.

In general, staying fit can help keep your testosterone levels from plummeting. A study conducted by the New England Research Institutes documented that a mana��s waist size correlates with his testosterone levels. They found that a waist circumference larger than 41 inches was a better predictor of low testosterone levels than overall weight.

It Makes You More Reliable
Before you hit the Viagra, try hitting the gym instead. Studies show that exercise can cause men to have sex more often, and it can make them more reliable, too. In a large study of 31A�000 men, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that those who exercised vigorously for 20 to 30 minutes a day were 30 percent less likely to report having erectile dysfunction than couch potatoes.

50 Simple Ways to Help Your Heart
Ita��s never too late to start reaping the benefits of exercise. University of California, San Diego researchers tasked a group of sedentary but otherwise healthy middle-aged men to hit the gym for an hour, three to four times a week. After sticking to the exercise program for nine months, the men reported that sex was more frequent, more reliable, and more satisfying.

It Improves Your Stamina
To put it bluntly: Men, the better shape youa��re in, the longer youa��ll last in bed. a�?In most sex positions, the man needs to push, so he needs to have strong back muscles,a�? says Nasserzadeh. Plus, when youa��re fit, your ejaculation lasts longer, and loose abdominal muscles or weak PC muscles might affect the angle or erection, she adds.

It Improves Flexibility articulo 197.
While trying out new sex positions might require some imagination, seeing how you can pull a muscle in the process doesna��t. a�?If youa��re not flexible enough, you cana��t strain yourself to do things when youa��re exploring and becoming more adventurous in bed,a�? says Nasserzadeh.

If you want to get a little kinky beneath the sheets, lengthening and strengthening exercises (no pun intended!) can help you contort your body. To keep your muscles limber, yoga and Pilates are excellent options.

It Gets You in the Mood
Whether theya��re worrying about their children or making a checklist for the next day, women are particularly prone to a mind that wanders during sex. And since, for women, emotions play such a large part in getting turned on, drifting thoughts can lower sexual satisfaction. Luckily, exercising can help you get more in tune with your body and emotion in the moment. a�?Yoga and breathing exercises can teach you how to cut out external distractions so you can concentrate in the moment,a�? says Nasserzadeh.

It Makes You Feel Hot
Exercise makes you look good and feel good a�� and that confidence carries over to the bedroom. University of Arkansas researchers surveyed 450 college students and found that people who were physically fit also saw themselves as hotter commodities and better in the sack. More than 90 percent of men who said they had a much-above-average fitness level also ranked their sexual desirability and performance as above average or much above average. Among women, 80 percent of those who worked out four to five days a week rated their bedroom antics as above average, and 60 percent of them thought of themselves as above average on an attractiveness scale. a��