500km Rhino Awareness Walk commences

THE much-publicised 500km Rhino Awareness Walk kicked off on Sunday as anticipated with organisers of the emotional walk appealing for donations from the public.
Tour Guide, Sam Moyo is set to embark on a 500km walk which is meant to raise awareness against rhinoceros and elephant poaching.

Chairperson of the Rhino Awareness Campaign, Gail Amyot said the walk started on well despite that they were struggling financially and appealed to the public to chip in with donations.

a�?The walk started on well on Sunday at Worlda��s View in Matopo. Each day Sam covers 20km and he has been to various places such as the Big Cave Camp, Matopo Sailing Camp and the three Musketeers Lounge. All these people have helped him for free.

a�?We are appealing for donations of food ranging from mealie-meal, tomatoes, cabbages, onions, water and some other food stuffs. We are struggling financially hence we are calling upon the public to help us carry out this emotional walk,a�? she said.

She said Nkomo was conducting the walk with a team of six people. On Thursday he visited western schools and was set to visit eastern schools on Friday because passing by Petra Primary School which will hold a World Rhino Day on Saturday.

a�?Sam is in the company of six people; the driver, two brothers, his aunty, a helper and a friend. On Thursday Sam will be at schools in the western areas and on Saturday he will be at schools in the Eastern areas here in Bulawayo.

On Saturday he will pass through at Petra Primary School where there will be World Rhino Day. On Sunday he will start his journey to Victoria Falls and pass through the statue of the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo and on that day he will sleep at the tollgate,a�? she said.

Nkomo was excited over the journey when he arrived in Bulawayo after travelling for 70km.

a�?We have finally arrived in Bulawayo already done 70km from Matopo since Sunday. The walk is great already have engaged few schools and it is nice to see how positive children are about this awareness campaign. Thank you to the chairperson and Nonnie who provided me with medication when I was stung by bees yesterday but I am feeling better now though still swollen.

a�?Tomorrow we will be engaging schools in western areas the whole day please feel free to join and on Friday will be engaging schools in eastern areas; please I need your support a�� physical and in spirit. Just as Nyamu who inspired me started his walk on the 13th of this month he is on the road right now and I am also supporting him in spirit,a�? said Nkomo. want to buy furismide.