50 Zvikaramba, 60 Magate

Nkululeko Nkala

I HAVE to confess, dancehall boys have a funny way of making you a fan. It’s not even that they follow the music 101 of harmony and composition etc. I mean we grew up knowing a song had to have a message/ content and structure. These dancehall boys pretty much do what they want and it works.

One such artiste is man-of-the- moment Enzo Ishall who last year was nobody and is now sought after all over the country. Just last week he was on tour in Cyprus. But wait a minute we have artistes here that have been on stage and recorded many albums and have never seen an award or a plane. Ah well, such is life. Enzo has released about three hits in a space of 12 months. That’s talent if you ask me. Call it luck if you want, but it’s not every day that someone from nowhere comes and becomes something. I mean even Winky D was not as overnight a success as Enzo is.

So word on the street is Enzo actually wanted to record with Winky D’s producer and he was told he was not good enough. He then fell on the hands of Fantan who believed in him. The rest is history. Well, maybe not so history for some, Enzo is the guy who sang Kanjiva and most recently 50 Magate. I first saw his effect on 31 December during the street party here in Bulawayo. His songs Kanjiva and Uko got an amazing response I had to ask who it was.

So what made Enzo? From where I stand it’s a cocktail of things led by location and radio. Harare supports arts. I must hasten to say I actually do not think Enzo is the best thing to come out of Zimbabwe at the moment but he is a big thing. He has been made. His music is not the best, but it’s popular. I can count up to 10 young people who are better artistes from this region. So back to radio and location. A few weeks back I was in Harare for a few days and I decided to hit the club(s). In each and every one of the clubs I heard Enzo’s music not once not twice. Dear local club Djs, what have you done for our music?

Radio is the best when it comes to making stars. Thanks to Skyz Metro FM, we now know some local music. But is it enough to make national stars? I think not. Star FM and ZiFM still command numbers among youth. How many locals are in rotation in those stations? And if they are, how many get the attention Enzo will? I am not saying anything except that maybe Skyz Metro should be national.

When all is said and done maybe artistes from this region are too serious. I mean look at that South African song Mina ngiyiscathulo, big hit. Look at 50 Magate, big hit. Maybe we should start having fun too. Enzo released a video for 50 Magate this week and it was pulled down within hours. I have nothing to say about the video. But well done Enzo, you got us all talking.

Until next week, be safe.

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