$45 pay for prison officer

Gibson Mhaka
A prison officer based at Khami Prison Complex will as of next month go home with a “paltry” $45 after a court ruled his wife should get $30 as monthly spousal maintenance from the $75 he is getting as net salary.

The $75 net salary is after child maintenance and loan deductions.

Forbes Vambe nearly shed tears after Bulawayo provincial magistrate Enias Magate, who was sitting at the Bulawayo maintenance court, ruled that he should pay his estranged wife Nonceba Vambe $30 as monthly spousal maintenance.

In her suit filed under case number M394/ 16, Nonceba initially demanded $185 claiming her estranged husband had since started cohabiting with a workmate Thandazani Ndlovu, in the process neglecting to provide reasonable support for her.

Forbes and Nonceba have one child together.

Nonceba told the court she could not afford personal upkeep because she was unemployed.

“I am seeking maintenance from the respondent in terms of the Maintenance Act (Chapter 5:09) to cover groceries, clothing, rent among other expenses. The respondent is the responsible person legally liable to maintain me as his legal wife and I wish to claim a monthly maintenance of $185,” reads part of her submissions.

The applicant resolved to take the legal route after the respondent failed to provide reasonable support for her.

Nonceba further maintained that Forbes was legally liable to pay the money since he was employed by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS).

In response, Forbes told the court that Nonceba’s claim was beyond his income. To authenticate his claims he produced his payslip which shows that he was getting $75 as his monthly salary after loan deductions.

“As of now I am not in a position to pay the money she is demanding as I am still servicing my loans. I can give her $30 as monthly maintenance. I will finish paying up the loans around October and that is the time the amount may be reviewed upwards,” he said.

By consent of the applicant, the magistrate ruled that Forbes from his net salary of $75 should pay Nonceba $30 as monthly maintenance.

Meanwhile, B-Metro later caught up with Nonceba who in a typical “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” fashion, she spewed venom at her estranged husband saying he was a serial “skirt chaser” who deserted her for a married workmate.

“Our marital problems started in August last year when Forbes started abusing me for no apparent reason. This was after I discovered he was dating his married workmate Thandazani Ndlovu. I later moved out of the house and soon after my departure the two moved in together. His relatives even told me that he was now living with her,” she said.

It turns out Thandazani also left her husband for him.

“Just imagine Thandazani also dumped her husband Mnyokeni Ndlovu to cohabit with Forbes. The two are committing adultery taking into account the fact both their legal marriages still subsist. Mnyokeni once confronted me saying he wanted to take legal action against Forbes for snatching his wife,” said Nonceba.

When reached for comment Mnyokeni was not stingy with details. He confirmed that his wife dumped him for Forbes.

“It is true that Vambe (Forbes) took my wife and they are staying together at Khami Prison Complex. I am planning to take legal action against him. It is no longer a secret that the two — Thandazani and Forbes are now a couple after Forbes introduced Thandazani to his parents as his new wife after they separated with Nonceba. Before she deserted me I once stumbled upon a string of love messages in her phone which she was sending to Forbes,” said Mnyokeni.

However, in separate interviews both Thandazani and Forbes vehemently denied that they were seeing each other.