Sauli Ncube

a�?23 candidates too big a numbera��. . . Says 84-year-old voter expressing shock at presidential ballot paper size

Gibson Mhaka
THE notion that voting doesna��t matter with the elderly was buried on Monday when an 84-year-old Sauli NcubeA� from Ward 4 in Bonjeni area in Umzigwane, Matabeleland South defied his advanced age to walk a long distance to cast his ballot.

Ncube, who was walking with the aid of a stick cast his vote at Bonjeni Primary School. He was surprised to be greeted with a ballot paper with 23 candidates who were vying for the countrya��s highest office.

Although the main presidential contenders were President Emmerson Mnangagwa of the ruling Zanu-PF and Nelson Chamisa of the opposition MDC Alliance, Ncube said 23 names appearing on the presidential ballot was too big a number for people contesting in the presidential election.

Ncube who has never missed voting since 1980 said what also surprised him was that it was the first time since 1980 to have a ballot paper for the presidential election without Robert Mugabea��s image.

He said since 1980 he never subscribed to the belief that voting was pointless or ultimately meaningless to the elderly.

a�?Although it was the first time since 1980 to go for a presidential election without (Robert) Mugabe what counted is that I exercised my democratic right and what I also truly believe is that the elections were fair and free,a�? said Khulu Ncube.

He said voting is a mark of maturity and an acceptance that this world is unlikely to be remade to onea��s satisfaction.

According to him to be born in a country where you get to vote in free elections and as an elderly given the preferential treatment at the polling station is to win the lottery of life.

a�?Even if leaders of political parties change one should do more by exercising his or her right to vote. One should cherish, relish, love it and see voting as the distinguishing characteristic of a free society as well considering it to be the most important thing that a man can ever do.

a�?The trouble with not voting is that you leave the future to other people a�� especially to those who dona��t even care enough to vote,a�? said Ncube. nizoral shampoo 2 percent. non prescription viagra bombay india. canadian 80 cialis generic. trusted online pharmacy cialis. testosterone cream reviews.