2019 is our year: Cool Crooners

Keith Mlauzi
STILL in the game!
George Salimu (75) said the above words as his eyes lit up and he gave his message some weight with a bit of dramatic portrayal through a clinched fist.

Salimu one of the three surviving members from the original Cool Crooners in an interview with B-Metro at the iconic Stanley Hall, Makokoba said the band is working tirelessly to bounce back.

“We are still strong, we have fresh ideas and have goals that we want to achieve in the near future. We are working tirelessly to get towards our goals,” said Salimu.

Their main goal is a nationwide tour next year while working on an album that will also reaffirm their status as the foremost jazz outfit in the country. They are in the studio with Jeys Marabini.

This year has been relatively slow for the old timers. They had a show in October and their next performance will be on Boxing Day.

“In October we were lined up for the Jazz festival that was held in Victoria Falls and on 26 December we will be in Harare for another Jazz festival, this shows that we are still capable of entertaining people,” said Sam Mkhithika the group’s manager.

Since the group’s formation in the late 1960s two members have since died, the last being Abel Sithole at the age of 81 last year. Old age took its toll on him and the other members also in that old-age zone know time is fast running out. But for the love of music the group must outlive them, as such they are on a recruitment drive.

“Abel’s death was a heavy blow on us. We began recruiting people to join the group so they could carry on with our legacy if anything happens to some of us,” said Salimu.

The group has since recruited Michael Magwaza (65) with no musical background as well as Veti Maseko.