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Sphilisiwe Mloyi
POLICE had to call for back-up at Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb when unseen forces unleashed a reign of terror — throwing stones at houses and passersby.

Residents called police when they could not ascertain the source of stones that were smashing window panes and asbestos for three consecutive days.

When two police officers arrived at the scene, the stones rained harder and faster, prompting the police officers to call for back-up.

When B-Metro arrived at the area, one of the affected residents, Nobuhle Mpofu (ABOVE), was in the process of replacing broken window panes with plastic.

Narrating the ordeal, she said the incident started around 10AM.

“When stones started pouring into my house, I thought it was a gang of mischievous boys. When I came out of the house stones rained from all directions.

“When other residents came out of their houses to check on what was happening, things got worse. We couldn’t make sense of the mystery,” she said.

When police arrived at the scene, the trouble became too much for them to manage. As such, they went back to the station.

The residents association chairman Nicholas Chaka confirmed the incident adding that he was also a victim.

“Residents came to report that mysterious beings were stoning their houses. When I went to the affected houses I had to scurry for cover. There is no peace in the area. Police were called, but it got worse,” Chaka said.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said she received a report on the issue, but could not say much.

‘’We received such a report, but I won’t comment further,” she said.

Residents suspect that it was the works of goblins.