170 attend sports management course

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ATHLETES must be taught at a young age that sportsmanship is learning to lose with honour than winning in disgrace to mould them into celebrated sports personalities, an official has said.

Addressing 170 participants that attended the inaugural International Sports Management CE Course, Finland-based Ari Johannes Koivu said it was paramount that athletes were taught ethical issues at a tender age.

The two-day course that ended on Tuesday was held at Old Hararians Sports Club.

Koivu is the sports director of Liike Sports and Development, a non- governmental organisation that empowers school children and the youth in developing countries through sport and health education.

a�?Sports administrators tend to be driven by the urge to have their teams win at all costs that they forget the importance of teaching athletes about sports ethics.

a�?Ethics in sport requires fairness, integrity, responsibility and respect so athletes must be taught these virtues at a young age. Winning is not everything,a�? said Koivu.

Some of the topics that were discussed during the course include strategic management of sports organisations, media and sports development.

A local partner Sports Leaders Institute of Zimbabwe (SLIZ) held the course in conjunction with Liike Sports and Development. buy perrigo mometasone furoate cream. levitra name brand. augmentin dds. prednisolone no prescription canada.