11-year-old jumps from speeding car

An 11-year-old from Gwerua��s Mambo suburb became the female version of superman and jumped off from a moving car fearing that she was being kidnapped.

Prosecutor Pearson Muringayi told the court that the girl (name withheld) who is a Grade Five pupil at a local school was at Zesa bus stop opposite Mtapa cemetery where she was waiting for a lift to town.

At around 4 pm a red Honda fit which was being driven by Bruce Rahman of 20 Kopje Road, Gweru approached from Ascot and gave the super girl a lift.

It is understood that upon reaching the roundabout apposite Mtapa cemetery, Rahman suddenly drove along Bristol Road. Sending a�?dangera�? the girl quickly opened the door and jumped out of the moving car. She rushed to make a report leading to Rahmana��s arrest.

Defending himself before magistrate Vimbai Makora, Rahman said he was going to town using a different route as he wanted to see his friend who worked at Delta Beverages.

a�?You worship I was not kidnapping the girl. I was going to town using a different route as l wanted to pass by Delta Beverages where l wanted to see my frienda�? he said.

The trial continues.


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